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"The Gamer" Customize Your Own!

The GAMER is for our elite baseball players. The GAMER COLLECTION are baseball bats made for the best of the best. The GAMER COLLECTION are handmade to the customers liking and painted using our high-end GLOSS paint. These baseball bats are made with our professional grade White Rock Maple, sanded down, painted and custom engraved. These baseball bats come in different colors and color combinations. THE GAMER COLLECTION is made for all ages and can be used in competition or in practice.

*The difference between THE GAMER COLLECTION and our STUD STANDARD COLLECTION is that the GAMER COLLECTION is made using our high-end GLOSS paint which gives the bat a very attractive shiny finish. The high-end GLOSS paint has been said to make the bat harder for a potential further hitting distance. 



  • These bats are for all players of all ages.
  • Material: Professional Grade White Rock Maple
  • Baseball Bat Models: 271, 243, 141, i13, 110, *contact us if you are looking for a certain baseball bat model. 
  • Baseball Bat Lengths: 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 32.5, 33, 33.5, 34
  • Baseball Bat Weights: -1, -2, -3, -4, +1, +2,  
  • Handle Color: Cherry, Black, Brown, Natural,
  • Barrel Color: Cherry, Black, Brown, Natural
  • Finish: High End GLOSS (shiny look)


At Stud Lumber we made the promise from day one that we would only use the best ingredients for all of our baseball bats. We only use the highest grade, ink dot tested, White Rock Maple available to make your baseball bat.  

White Rock Maple is one of the most popular woods used today to produce baseball bats because it is very hard and dense which hitters prefer when striking a ball. White Rock Maple comes from cold regions in the northeast including upstate New York, parts of Vermont and Maine, and Canada. 

Also, White Rock Maple bats are extra hard compared to the poor-quality ASH baseball bats that are being mass produced by big baseball companies for profit. Maple gives little to no flex causing less breakage which then saves the parents, teams, and hitters money.  

Each bat is handmade in the United States by our experienced team. Every baseball bat is made to order. Stud Lumber’s baseball bats are made to your liking; bat model, bat lengths, bat weight or drop, sanded, cupped, painted and finished by hand. The final step is having the bat laser engraved with your custom inscriptions and then shipped.

Your custom rock ma ple STUD LUMBER baseball bats will take between 3 to 6 weeks to be created by our experienced team and shipped to you anywhere in the world.