The baseball bat industry is known for being boring and monotonous, quite the contrary to the technology industry, which is fun and exciting. What better way to spice up the baseball bat and apparel world than to form the company Stud Lumber.

Stud Lumber was founded by a New Jersian and a Canadian who are former college teammates and decided to create a brand for competitors that want to push themselves to their full potential on a daily basis. We know the game of baseball revolves around the relationships that are formed through being in the same dugout and competing for the same goals. Our world class quality wood bats and apparel is meant to help athletes portray the confidence they have earned in the cage and on the field.  

Stud Lumber headquarters resides in the burgeoning town of Middletown, New Jersey which is just outside of NYC. Here at Stud Lumber, we strive to offer high quality products to enhance the performance and aesthetics of the everyday baseballer. We have an intriguing arsenal of unique products, including professional grade, White Rock Maple baseball bats and stylish baseball hats and apparel that can be worn anywhere anytime.